Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gezellig at THE YARDS (4.01.2012)

Sunday was the final Gezelling of the season and what a way to conclude such a beautiful season.  We have seen an array of artists in the forms of cooking, painting, photography, and now furniture design.  Seth Eshelman from Staach really raised the bar for the next artists to come.  When you first walked in to the space it was unrecognizable, he had transformed it to a place of wonder.  There was delicious smelling wood everywhere!  He thought of everything, from the candle lit "bonfire" to the perfectly constructed sushi plate (that I got to take home!).  It is so hard to put in to words the details that surrounded you as you walked in, so I really hope you can get a sense of what it felt like through my photographs.

The food was prepared by Andrea Parros, which was delicious and vegan.  I was so excited to try her variations on sushi because I am so used to eating simply avocado sushi with the occasional sweet potato roll from Sakura Home.  The yummy dessert was created by the lovely girls of Eat Me. Love them!

Marissa from Intersteller Love Craft was there as well with her jewelry that was inspired by the installation.  I have one piece by Marrisa and I can't wait to purchase more.  If you haven't checked her work yet, please do! 

Please enjoy as you step into Seth's world.  xoxo.

To see more from this magical night (the yummy food, the beautiful jewelry, the bonfire...), check out The Yards facebook page!

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